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Private Instruction | return to top

  • Weekly private lessons are offered to beginning through advanced students.
  • The school year is divided into two 5-month semesters, beginning in September and ending in June.
  • Tuition includes:
    • one private lesson per week
    • an integrated Music Theory Program
    • an integrated Musicianship Program
    • eight Performance Classes, including two “Open” Classes
    • a formal Studio Concert held in a community performance space (piano and ensembles)
    • opportunities for participation in national, state and local music teachers' associations' recitals, chamber music festivals and competitions (piano)
    • access to the CherryValleyMusic.Com website
    • summer students may participate in a special Summer Musicale
  • 45 minute private lessons are recommended for beginning students.
  • 60 minute private lessons are recommended for older students, for those who have studied four years or more, or who show exceptional musical advancement and ability.

Online Lessons | return to top

Online lessons, preferably via FaceTime or Skype, are available for those who prefer the format, who live too far away to travel to our studios, who prefer not to drive in inclement weather, or for any reason. Contact us for details.

Tuition | return to top

  • Tuition is billed in ten (five per semester) equal monthly installments unless you prefer to pay the entire amount at the start of each semester.
  • Tuition does not include the cost of music and other materials.

Please contact us for current tuition fees.

A $100 deposit, per student, is due by June 1st to reserve your spot in the schedule. It will be applied toward your final tuition payment of the school year (June).

Tuition will be raised annually based on the current consumer price index.

Payment is due by the first of the month and no later than the first lesson of the month. We want to avoid the unpleasantness of assessing "late fees" and respectfully request your cooperation.

Checks should be made payable to Cherry Valley Music.

  • Mail or bring to: 2901 Ascott Lane, Olney, MD 20832

Performance Classes | return to top

Performance Classes offer opportunities for gaining confidence in performing, hearing others perform, learning how to offer and receive constructive critiques, and studying music history and literature in a supportive group setting.

  • Our Performance Classes are open to all eligible piano students and other instrumentalists (if invited).
  • Classes are held in our studio.

Performance Class at the Cherry Valley Music Studio

Open Performance Classes | return to top

  • The final Performance Class of each semester (in January and June) is open to parents, thus encouraging all students to work consistently throughout the school year.
  • Open Performance Classes provide an opportunity for students to prepare music for performance in front of their peers, readying them for more formal performance situations and building confidence and performance skills along the way. At these classes, some works are still “in progress,” but every performance opportunity brings learning, even if the piece has not been polished to perfection! We will give parents a glimpse into the special hour we spend together each month during the school year.
  • Remember, this is a class, not a recital. Due to the nature of the class, it is open to parents or guardians only! Please do not bring neighbors, friends, aunts, uncles, etc.
  • We have 2 classes from 10-11am and 11am-noon.
  • Please see Calendar for Performance Class dates.

Concerts | return to top

A formal concert offers a tangible incentive for perfecting skills and sharing music with an appreciative audience.

Every piano student may participate and other instrumentalists invited by their instructor; however, those students who do not prepare or progress adequately will not be permitted to participate.

A special Summer Musicale is held for students who attend five or more summer lessons.

General Calendar | return to top

Our school year, from September through June, is divided into two semesters. Please see the Calendar for exact dates.

Lessons are not scheduled during the Montgomery County Public schools' scheduled holidays of Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, Memorial Day or Labor Day.

Lessons will be held on the various Monday holidays through out the year, i.e. Columbus Day, Martin Luther King Day, President's Day, etc. If you must reschedule due to religious observances, please give advance notice.

Summer Lessons in June, July and August are scheduled on an individual basis. Students are encouraged to continue lessons through out the summer. Days and lesson times are flexible.

Music and Materials | return to top

Students will receive necessary music and materials either provided by CVM and included on your invoice, or we will provide information for you to order music online.

Missed Lessons | return to top

  • Each student is limited to one make up lesson per semester.
  • Make-up lessons are not cumulative, i.e. if you don't use your make-up the first semester, you can't have two at the end of the second semester.
  • 24 hours notice of a cancellation is requested.
  • There are no refunds and no credits for missed lessons.
  • We will not make up multiple lessons missed for play rehearsals, talent shows, sports practice, games, travel, etc.

Snow Cancellation Policy

  • Let common sense rule. If Montgomery County schools are closed, but the snow amounts to little or melts by lesson time, you may still have your lesson.
  • If we must close, we will contact you via e-mail.
  • There will not be additional make up lessons for snow days or lessons missed due to power outages.

    Lesson Trading Program

  • When a conflict is unavoidable, you may be able to trade your lesson with another student during the week. See Molly's Schedule or Charles' Schedule and contact us for telephone numbers. You are responsible for "making the trade."
  • Lessons missed by us will be rescheduled.

Dismissal Policy | return to top

  • A student may be dismissed for non-payment, excessive absences, lack of progress or unacceptable behavior.

Studio Guidelines | return to top

It is a privilege to attend music lessons in a quiet, pleasant atmosphere with easy access to musical resources, teaching aids and recordings. The following guidelines are necessary in order to maintain the integrity of our studios and to provide a peaceful, positive teaching and learning space for ourselves and for our students.

  • Due to insurance and zoning restrictions, only the student(s) attending and one parent or guardian may enter at a time. Only siblings who have back-to-back lessons may wait quietly in the designated waiting area.
  • If you are a parent with a beginner and you have been invited to sit in on their lessons, it is vital that you do not interrupt the lesson. Comments are welcomed after the lesson.
  • Do not bring food or drink.
  • Drop off and pick up children on time. On lesson days, please pull down to the very end of the driveway so that your child will know you have arrived. On Performance Class days, be considerate of the large number of vehicles involved and do not block the driveway or neighboring driveways.
  • Though crayons and paper ar-e provided to students who must wait for brothers and sisters to complete their lessons, it is strongly advised that each child bring something interesting to keep them occupied.

Your cooperation is appreciated!

Concert Venue and Fee | return to top

  • Our yearly Formal Studio Concert will be at The Lutheran Church of St. Andrew, on the corner of New Hampshire and Norwood Road. It is a wonderful venue with a large, lovely space, two well-maintained grand pianos and a fine reception area.
  • This will require a one-time $40.00 performance/tech fee for all school-aged students eligible to participate and will appear on your first invoice of the school year.

Summer Lessons | return to top

  • We offer an 8-week summer session, culminating in a Summer Musicale performance.
  • We highly recommend that students continue music study through the summer, even if it means scheduling only two or three lessons. A regular practice routine is best--no routine can mean anxiety in the fall due to “forgetting” skills already learned.
  • The schedule will be set as we get close to summer.
  • Students must attend 5 summer lessons to be eligible to participate in the special Summer Musicale.

Piano Maintenance | return to top

  • Many of you have requested the name and number of our registered piano technician:
    David Long, R.P.T. 301-858-9086

Is your child getting the most from music study? | return to top

  • Practicing music raises SAT scores. Students who study music out-perform their classmates who do not study a musical instrument.
  • Music lessons and instrumental practice improve long-term verbal memory.
  • Studying music enlarges a region of the brain called the left planum temporale, which is involved in remembering words.
  • Beyond scientific measures, learning to play well and to express oneself creates immeasurable, unquantifiable satisfaction.

Diligent and regular practice (6 days a week, at least the length of the lesson time) reaps the biggest rewards!

Terms and Conditions | return to top

  • By enrolling yourself or your child as a student of the Cherry Valley Music Studio, you agree to abide by the terms of this Studio Policy
  • Group lessons, when offered, cannot be rescheduled and are not available for a refund.
  • In addition, you agree to have read and abide by the terms of our Disclaimer.