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"Thank you Charles, for all the kindness
and wisdom and music you've shared with our J.
He's a better man because of it!
Thanks and hugs to Molly, too! XO"
The A.'s, 2024

  "Charles: You are an amazing person and teacher!!"
A.S., 2024
  "Molly: You are the best! I can't thank you enough for your endless patience and support on my musical journey. I have so much wonderful music to revisit in the coming years. Playing piano is my antidote to the ups and down of this crazy life. Thanks for helping to keep me sane!" E.M., 2023
  "You two are the most amazing teachers anyone could ask for. To have the opportunity to learn from you is something we will always cherish. Even better is your friendship as you are as wonderful as people can be."
M.T., 2022
  "I don't have words. Except that I know she's a better person because of her time with you and Molly." J.S., 2022

"So grateful to you and all you represent at CVM... Thank you!!!!

In a month we raised over $25K to help refugees from my battered childhood home in Ukraine. My family, friends, other refugee families from Kharkiv, and those still in Kharkiv who received humanitarian help funded by your donations are forever grateful. 183 (!!) people offered their general support, from students, to esteemed scientists, physicians, entrepreneurs.... to people of all walks of life and all professions, from close friends and colleagues to those I have not seen in decades, to kind hearts I have never met...

My deepest gratitude to all of you! Raised money helped my cousin's family to fund a place to stay, food to the table and basic necessities, as they are settling in Germany. A close friend's elderly
family was able to apply funds to medical help and basic needs in Germany after fleeing Kharkiv under shelling.

A family of my other cousin in Kharkiv lost their residence due ot bombing and relocated with nothing but the clothes on their back - your money helped get them season-appropriate clothing, food, medications, hearing aid... basic things that we will never again take for granted. So many heartbreaking stories... yet your kindness is what helps mend those broken hearts. Knowing the people care has a profound healing effect!

As we exceeded the original fundraising goal due to your generosity, we were able to do a few more good deeds: Funded 100 backpacks with art supplies and treats for kids in Ukraine, who fled their homes with nothing but still want to take virtual art classes." A.A., 2022

  "Molly: A. is thriving with in-person lessons with you.  We are grateful that beautiful music fills our home."
T.G., 2021
  "We are grateful to both of you for the amazing music education P. has received at Cherry Valley Music. We are happy to talk to any parents of future students to share how wonderful you are and how much he has learned over the years. Thank you for everything." A.T. and B.G., 2021
  "Thank you, Molly! It sure makes my heart happy to know that you’re getting to know T. and her passionate, relational, and dramatic ways :-) She is most definitely falling more in love with music and with her expanding repertoire. Thank you in advance for teaching her next week during the break! We’re very grateful. Thank you." T.T., 2021
  "Mr. Stier: On another note, I just wanted to thank you for not only our lessons this past summer, but also our piano lessons a few years ago. Indeed, your guidance about barre chords, thumb chords, the major and pentatonic scales, and other exercises launched my skills forward going into this school year. But I'm also deeply grateful for you teaching me how to really feel the music, how to think about music, and music theory concepts throughout all of the lessons we've had together. As my motivation and commitment towards music has grown, and as I've dove deeper and deeper into guitar this past year and a half, those tools have been invaluable. Having access to a solid base of music such as this has helped me as I grow my musical understanding and explore my own metaphorical voice as a musician." X.S., 2020
  "Dear Charles: Thursday begins a new chapter in my life, and you have been pivotal in that being possible. Through your support, your coaching, your inspiration, your mentoring, your teachings, your presence, your encouragement, and your courage to show up to life fully no matter what, I see a world of possibility. I could never thank you enough for being a part of my life." K2, 2020
  "Hi Mrs. Molly! Here’s a blast from this past - this is Z.R.!! I really miss you guys and wanted to check in and see how you guys are doing! You both have had such a positive impact on my work ethics and have created such awesome memories for me to look back on! I’m not doing lacrosse anymore because it just got to be way too hard on my body. So instead, last year I did the school play! It was super exciting for me because I got a lead and had never done a production before! Unfortunately the school play this year is cancelled due to corona but I got another lead. :) I really want to thank you and Mr. Charles for being so awesome and for all the patience you guys had with me! You guys are the best. :) I hope you guys are staying healthy and are keeping your positive vibes during this time! :) With love, Z.R., 2020
  "Cherry Valley Music has added more than you can imagine to my life. And, thanks a million times." B.B., 2019
  "Hi Molly and Charles! Can’t believe JP will be up on stage tonight in front of over 1,000 people signing a solo, background vocals, playing a grand piano, keyboard and doing a little bit of dancing!! Thank you both for teaching him, encouraging him, helping him perform, step out of his comfort zone, grow in confidence ... etc etc. I can’t wait for tonight!! We will let you know how it goes!" S.Y., 2019
  "My daughter has been studying piano with Charles and Molly for 5 years. Music may be their modality, but Charles and Molly are also teaching their students curiosity, bravery, self-expression, and more; all of which are skills that young people need to navigate life. Cherry Valley Music is a community and we are so grateful to be a part of it." J.K., 2019

"Charles and Molly are the best!! Whether it is piano, guitar, clarinet, ukulele, composition, or interpretation, I highly recommend Cherry Valley Music for the ultimate experience in music lessons!" S.W., 2019

  "Simply the most fantastic people and piano teachers we could've imagined. We have thoroughly enjoyed Molly and Charles working with our children. It is an honor and humbling to have such accomplished and genuine friends spending time each week with our boys. They truly have the magic touch." M.T., 2019
  "Dear Molly, You just made our day! T. and M. love having lessons with you and Charles! They love you :-) " R.A., 2018
  "Molly, You truly have the magic touch. Thank you so much for your kind heart, sharp mind and caring way. It is great watching you do what you do so well. Special teachers and people are rare and we truly appreciate the opportunity to to have the boys grow with you and Charles." M.T., 2018
  "I appreciate the love and support you have been giving to E." V.N., 2018
  "Thank you Stiers - a really nice show again. Also thank you for inviting families to share the treats. We always look forward to this day. So happy you have contributed this to our community for all these years. THANK YOU!" R.S., 2018
  "Charles and Molly: I cherish your influence in my music and in my life." S.B., 2017

"Charles you have been and continue to be such a gift of sunshine to me – thank you!" K2, 2017

  "Dear Molly, Yes , I am truly grateful for the instruction you have provided with the kids. T. told me that she has learned so much from you. It's such a positive experience for the entire family." S.C., 2016
  "Molly: I'm so thankful to have a musical foundation from my lessons with you that has helped me chase down my passions in life :)  Best Wishes to you and Charles." W.T., 2016
  "Hi Molly, It's funny that you use the word 'magic' because that's exactly how it felt! The knowledge was/is magic, and the lesson (with Charles) was, too, as well as VERY energizing. I left feeling like the kid in The Karate Kid after the teacher opened his eyes... the teacher just smiles and says "come back tomorrow." The kid walks away with this wonder and awe all over his being. And there's more teaching and learning to be done, always. So practicing this morning is in a whole new light, trying to think about (or just feel) the tonality. I have a long way to go! The journey is fabulous, though." J.P., 2015
  "Charles: Yesterday you revealed to me (again!) how beautiful and meaningful a 'bass solo' can be, and how perfectly it can fit a composition while showing intelligence and humor. I feel I have made the first step on the journey of 100 miles on foot, to actualize the potential for expression you have shown me!" e., 2015
  "Mrs. Stier, Words cannot express how grateful I am for all you have done for me. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to study under you and gain so much valuable knowledge. I am grateful and very fond of my many lessons and memories I've had with you. I wish you the best of luck in all your future adventures! Lots of love," N.K., 2015
  "I am amazed at how you find ‘the way’ for each student, individually, to come to understand. I got it today more than ever! Thank you thank you!," E.S. 2015
  "Thanks for all your wonderful spirit you instill in those kids --it is valued." K.S., 2014
  "I'll carry your teachings with me for the rest of my life and I cannot express gratitude enough for opening my eyes and ears to music and the truth. What a tremendous gift. Much love," J.S., 2014
  "MY TEACHERS ARE...Patient, Truthful, Loving, Forgiving, and Guiding. Thank you both for today and yesterday and last week, last month, last year, next year, etc., etc." Love, T., 2014
  "Just had to tell you, Charles, that JP asked me last night what time he was leaving on Wednesday for the baseball tournament in Florida. I told him that it would be right after he got home from school.....that he would have to be all packed and ready to walk out the door. His response, "Darn it! ...that means I'm going to miss piano!!!" So, on the eve of heading out on a trip to Florida a trip he has been looking forward to for months.....he is totally disappointed that he is going to miss his lesson. Just wanted you to know that that is how much is is enjoying learning and playing:) ," S.Y., 2014
  "You guys are an inspiration. Really..." S.B., 2014
  "Charles: I do not know if you know what you have done for my music, but I do!!!" bb, 2014
  "To Charles and Molly: thank you for teaching me how to access poetry once again, and thank you for showing me the vision of music." E.S., 2014
  "Charles, you were such a great influence on him. Not only were you a fantastic teacher, you were a trusting adult he could confide in. Have a nice holiday. Fondly," B.K., 2013
  "Charles, you were, of all my teachers in the music world, the one who I believe instilled the most music in me.  I thank you.  And because of you and the music you shared with me – I believe my 13-year old son (pianist/composer) James is the way he is today." L.M.G., 2013
  "Hi Charles and Molly, Thank you all so much!!! Your kindness, generosity, and faith in N. means so much to us. Thank you," S., 2013
  "Thanks SO MUCH, Charles and Molly. The Absolute Most Loving Teachers Ever." L.L., 2013

"Hmm, how should I put this? (about last night's Cherry Valley Music Honors Masterclass)

                                                                                Let me think ....

... I'm thinking ..... ...... I'm thinking .....


E.S., 2013

  "Charles: T. had so much fun the other night at the lesson I couldn't get him to sleep until late." M.S., 2013
  "Charles: It is rare to find people who put their heart and soul into making ordinary moments into 'wow' moments--it is such a gift to know you and Molly and be your fortunate pupils!!!  Thanks," T. & Co., 2013
  "Charles: Thank you for today--the big room--the big ideas--the maj 7th, 7th, minor and major breakthrough! All because we have the best music teachers in the universe!!!! YEAH!!! Drink to that in Paris with Molly." T.S., 2012
  "Charles: He will have to be surgically removed from the guitar.  It has been on him permanently since we picked it up.  It was 'his best birthday ever'..." F.W., 2012

"Molly: I think J. left you voice mail stating he placed out of beginning piano (at his freshman college placement audition) so will be taking half hour lessons every week with one of the piano faculty for the next 2 years. Actually he met the criteria for someone who has taken lessons for 4 years; not 3 years. Way to go!" M.P., 2012


"Hi Molly, Thank you for checking in!  E. and N. are both having a wonderful experience. N. especially loves to play all the time, running to the piano to try to sneak in one song before breakfast every morning.  E. is more reserved, but enjoys playing and takes her time at the piano very seriously. I have nothing but praise to share! Thank you!" A.B., 2012

  "Thank you, Molly, for your feedback and knowledge. You help in a variety of ways, with your superior knowledge and expertise, with your skill at the piano, with your affirmation and validating. Thanks, I needed all that!" S.B., 2012

-- by Alyssa Giammetta, 2012


“Take a deep breath” to myself I will say,
I am able to do this in my sleep.
I know that my fingers can lead the way.

The noise begins to quickly fade away
As the melody gently begins.
“Take a deep breath” to myself I will say.

My nerves calm as I continue to play.
I feel the weight of each delicate key,
I know that my fingers can lead the way.

Suspense beings to build, without delay;
The fast and intricate theme approaches.
“Take a deep breath” to myself I will say.

The end is near, and sounds like a blue jay.
It’s time to relax and enjoy because
I know that my fingers can lead the way.

Soft and gentle, the sweet sound lingers on
As I lift my hands, the silence is broke.
“Take a deep breath” to myself I will say.
I know that my fingers can lead the way.

-- by Jasey Mahon, 3 February 2012


"Charles: Aside from immediately going to his room after that lesson and practicing until the small hours, and asking if he could post the poster up on the wall in the spare bedroom (where he practices), and practicing obsessively every night, not much response...sorry." J.B., 2012

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Stier, Both of you have inspired us to learn more about music. We now know more about music than we've ever imagined. You've inspired us to be creative and original in how we live and play. Happy New Year to the best teachers! Sincerely," The A. Family, 2012

"Charles: M. and I feel extraordinarily blessed to have you in S.'s life, as both a teacher and mentor. We greatly appreciate you, and Molly, for all of the cool things you do and for who you are as people. We are raving fans of yours forever." E.H., 2011

"Hi Charles, Last night, 10:30 PM: Me: "Hey S., put the guitar away it's late, you've got to be up at 5:30 tomorrow morning". S: "Just one more time, mom". This morning, 6:30 AM: Me: "Hey S. put the guitar away and get in the car, we've got to leave for school". S: "Just one more time, mom". Success!" M.S.H., 2011

"We immensely enjoyed today's performance of your students.  CONGRATULATIONS to you and Molly. 
You are doing a great job for your students and specially for my grandson T.  We are so lucky to have met you." R., 2011

"It is evident that you and Charles provide an understanding and nurturing environment for your students. Many happy memories and appreciation of music will be with these young people throughout their lives, thanks to you. Sincerely," M.F. (Grandmother of E.P.), 2011

"Charles, studying with you is definitely much more than ‘taking lessons!' You have amped up my life!!! With appreciation," J.B., 2011

"I truly would say that what started out as a simple hobby for me has turned into so much more--thanks Molly!" T.S., 2011

"Charles: You are like the best teacher ever." K.T., Christmas, 2010

"Charles: Truly – I have never lost sight of how much you gave me in terms of music and musicianship - it trumps all I’ve learned in any music lesson, class, degree – my time learning from you taught me more than anything. In fact the music you shared with me, is something that made me a better human, not just a better musician and for that I am forever indebted to you. Thank you for making my life more beautiful." L.M.G., 2010, Professional Musician and Teacher, New York

"Molly, We are so grateful for your teaching and your masterful experience in giving N. such wonderful musical instruction. We love what you have done with him and we thank you for all of your time, all of your love and for your talent. Looking forward to many more years together." L. and T., 2010

"…and be sure to thank Molly for what she has done for L.—not just the learning of the piano, but also the appreciation of music, the concentration of efforts, the rewards of hard work and the poise and confidence that L. learned from Molly." J.S. 2009

"Charles, I have thought of you lots through the years and want you to know that I am grateful for all that you taught me. I believe that you gave me a confidence that I lacked and also taught me how to persist in spite of obstacles." W.H.S., former student, US Navy engineer, wife and mother

"Thank you Molly. You are an amazing teacher. My girls love going to your classes. If M. makes any effort to practice it is because you are so fantastic with her. Happy Year 2009." M.S.

"In 2002, at age 56 (and a half), I had my first piano lesson at Cherry Valley Music Studio. I started with a $200 (66 key) keyboard. Little did I know that 6 years later I would own a beautiful Yamaha Conservatory Grand and be the hostess of a lovely afternoon tea in my home. This has been an incredible journey that has enriched and changed my life forever. Thank you, Charles and Molly, for giving me the gift of music. I am truly blessed to know you." S.W. August 2008

“Thank you for giving E. a wonderful year of piano! The professional touch and warm support...have made an incredible difference in her relationship to music.” J. and S. P. June 2008

"What a joyful year this has been for P. and our family thanks to your truly exceptional teaching! It’s so nice to have music in our home every day!" The V. Family 2007

"We have been extremely happy to see K. flourish and expand her skills and talents under your superb tutelage." 2007

"You have been kind and thoughtful to her and our family as well as always encouraging her…to maintain her level of work." V. J., 2006

"It has been an incredible privilege to have you as H’s piano teacher. Somehow you are able to both challenge and demand respect and yet provoke a deep love and desire to please from your students. Thank you so much for all you have done." L. J., 2005

"I just want to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher to S. and L. They gained a wealth of knowledge and appreciation for music from you that is priceless. I think you are an amazing piano teacher and count myself lucky that we found you." L. K., 2005

"Thank you for making such a difference in the lives of our children by teaching them the magic and beauty of music." M.& A.G., 2003

"Thank you...for the wonderful work you did with W.--his love of music will always last." B.M., 2003

"You taught me a lot...from piano to...PATIENCE!" A.S., 2003

"I appreciate your help in giving [our daughters] a love and respect of music. We feel very lucky to have found such a warm and wonderful teacher." F.W., 2003

"Thank you for thinking of me at graduation time, but most of all for giving me a treasure for the rest of my life." C.H., 2003

"Thank you again for being such a wonderful teacher to J. I love listening to him play, especially after his lesson when you have worked with him on a particular piece for styling and technique. He isn't just playing the notes, but is making music!" B.P., 2002

"You will always have a special place in our hearts. Thank you for all your help." S.S., 2002

"Thank you so much for all you do to make piano fun for E. It is a joy for me to listen to her practice and play piano and sing with her friends." L.G., 2000

"I have to tell you that I can see C. is full of joy and confidence every time she finishes her lesson. Your teaching/managing skills and patience really amaze me." J.C., 2000

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