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This 200+ CD listening project is designed to take the young musician through the very basic repertoire.  Each part should be listened to in 1-2 weeks. The recordings are by the world's finest artists. A 1-2 year commitment.


Part 1: Orchestral (4 CDs)
J.S. Bach. 6 Brandenburg Concerti + 3 Harpsichord Concerti
C.P.E. Bach. 4 Symphonies
J.C. Bach: 6 Grand Overtures

Part 2:  Orchestral (4 CDs)
F.J. Haydn. Symphonies No.1-5, 103 and 104
W.A. Mozart. Symphonies 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41

Part 3: Orchestral (4 CDs)
L. v. Beethoven. Symphonies 1-9

Part 4: Orchestral (3 CDs)
F. Mendelssohn.
Symphonies 1-5

Part 5: Orchestral (4 CDs)
F. Schubert. Symphonies 1-8

Part 6: Orchestral (4 CDs)
R. Schumann. Symphonies 1-4
H. Berlioz. Symphonie Phantastique
C.M. v. Weber. Symphonies 1 and 2

Part 7: Orchestral (6 CDs)
J. Brahms. Symphonies 1-4, Tragic Overture and Alto Rhapsody
R. Wagner. Overtures and Preludes
J. Strauss, Jr. Waltzes

Part 8: Orchestral (6 CDs)
A. Dvorak. Symphony No.9
A. Bruckner. Symphony No.7
G. Mahler. Symphony No.4
R. Strauss. Also Sprach Zarathustra and Don Juan
S. Rachmaninoff. Symphonies 1 and 2

Part 9: Piano Trios (5 CDs)
F.J. Haydn
J.N. Hummel

W.A. Mozart [3]

Part 10: Piano Trios (5 CDs)
L. v. Beethoven [5]

Part 11: Piano Trios (6 CDs)
R. Schumann [2]
J. Brahms [2]
P. Tchaikovsky / F. Mendelssohn
C. Debussy / M. Ravel

Part 12: The Voice (8 CDs)
Cecilia Bartoli. W.A. Mozart
Fritz Wunderlich. R. Schumann, L. v. Beethoven, F. Schubert
Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. F. Schubert
Bryn Terfel. R. Wagner
Maria Callas. misc
Enrico Caruso. misc
Luciano Pavarotti. misc
Janowitz/Prey/Fischer-Dieskau/Mathis. W.A. Mozart (highlights from The Marriage of Figaro)

Part 13: Concerti (12 CDs)
A. Vivaldi. J. Galway (Flute)
G.F. Handel. H. Hollinger (Oboe)
F.J. Haydn. P. Zuckerman (Violin)
W.A. Mozart. D. Oistrakh (Violin) [2]
W.A. Mozart. K. Leister (Clarinet) / K. Thunemann (Bassoon)
W.A. Mozart. D. Brain (French Horn)
L. v. Beethoven / J. Brahms. J. Heifetz (Violin)
J. Brahms / W.A. Mozart / J.S. Bach. J. Heifetz (Violin) with G. Piatigorsky (Cello), W. Primrose (Viola) and Eric Friedman (Violin)
A. Dvorak / P. Tchaikovsky. M. Rostropovitch (Cello)
P. Tchaikovsky / F. Mendelssohn. J. Heifetz (Violin)
R. Strauss / H. Baumann (French Horn)

Part 14: Jazz (7 CDs)
Big Bands
Count Basie
Duke Ellington
Art Tatum
Charlie Parker
Lester Young
Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne and Sarah Vaughn

Part 15: Jazz (9 CDs)
Miles Davis
John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman
Dexter Gordon
Dave Brubeck
Stan Getz and Joao Gilberto
Chet Baker
Bill Evans
Charles Mingus
Thelonious Monk

Part 16: String Quartets (10 CDs)
F.J. Haydn. Op.76, No.1-3. Takacs 4tet
W.A. Mozart. No.18 and 19 ("Dissonance"). Guarneri 4tet
W.A. Mozart. No.20 and 21. Alban Berg 4tet
W.A. Mozart. 6 "Haydn" Quartets (No.s 14-18) [3]. Juilliard 4tet
F. Schubert. No.13 and 8. Lindsay String 4tet
F. Mendelssohn (complete) [3]. Quatour Ysaye

Part 17: String Quartets (9 CDs)
L. v. Beethoven (complete) [9]. Guarneri 4tet

Part 18: String Quartets (6 CDs)
J. Brahms (complete) [2]. Alban Berg 4tet
A. Dvorak ("American") / B. Smetana ("From My Life"). Alban Berg 4tet
M. Ravel / C. Debussy. Quatour Ysaye
B. Bartok (complete) [2]. The New Budapest 4tet

Part 19: Guitar (6 CDs) -- Blues, Gypsy and Classical
Best of Blues -- Muddy Waters, Jimmy Rogers, John Lee Hooper, Bo Diddley, Buddy Guy,
Elmore James, Sonny Boy Williamson, Albert Collins, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Howlin' Wolf, John Mayall, B.B. King
Honeyboy Edwards -- Mississippi Delta Bluesman
Legends of Guitar / Electric Blues -- Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, B.B. King, T-Bone Walker,
Bobby "Blue" Bland, Howlin' Wolf, Eddie Taylor, Pee Wee Crayton, Floyd Murphy, Albert King, Elmore James, Eddie "Guitar Slim" Jones, Harvey Mandel, Johnny Winter, Lightning Hopkins, Earl Hooker, Hound Dog Taylor
Django Reinhardt -- Belgian Gypsy
Frank Vignola -- "Django Lives"
Andres Segovia -- J.S. Bach

Part 20: Guitar (11 CDs) -- Jazz
Legends of Guitar / Jazz -- Eddie Lang, Eddie Durham and Freddie Green, Allan Reuss, George
Barnes, Charlie Christian, Tiny Grimes, Barney Kessel, Billy Bauer, Laurindo Almeida, Tal Farlow and Barry Galbraith, Howard Roberts, Wes Montgomery, Lenny Breau, Larry Coryell and John McLaughlin, John Scofield, Derek Bailey
Wes Montgomery
Tal Farlow
Tal Farlow and Lenny Breau
Herb Ellis and Joe Pass
Kenny Burrell
Jimmy Rainey
Chet Atkins and Les Paul
Jim Hall
Paul Wingo
Martin Taylor

Part 21: Pending

Part 22: Guitar (7 CDs) -- Rock and Alternative
Frank Zappa [2]
Danny Gatton
Dick Dale
Ronnie Earl
John McLaughlin

Part 23: Winds (10 CDs)
Baroque Brass. Canadian Brass
Baroque Oboe Sonatas. H. Hollinger
J.S. Bach -- Flute Sonatas. J. Galway
Pre-Mozart Wind Music. C. Stier
W.A. Mozart. 2 Serenades
W.A. Mozart. Gran Partita for 13 Winds, K.361
W.A. Mozart. Flute 4tets. J. Galway and Tokyo String 4tet
W.A. Mozart / J. Brahms. Clarinet 5tets. K. Leister
Cameos (misc) -- Clarinet and Piano. C. and M. Stier
O. Messiaen. 4tet for the End of Time

Part 24: Solo Piano (8 CDs) -- 16th-18th Century
Pre-Baroque: W. Byrd, O. Gibbons and J.P. Sweelinck. G. Gould
D. Scarlatti. 30 Sonatas. J. Browning
J.S. Bach. Goldberg Variations. G. Gould
J.S. Bach. Partitas 4, 2 and 5. R. Goode
F.J. Haydn. Sonatas 32, 34 and 42; Fantasia; Adagio. A. Brendel
W.A. Mozart. Sonatas K.280, 281, 282 and 283. M. Uchida
W.A. Mozart. Sonatas K.533, 397, 310 and 311. A. Brendel
W.A. Mozart. Sonatas K.333, 545, 457, Fantasia K.475. A. Schiff

Part 25: Solo Piano (10 CDs) -- Beethoven
L. v. Beethoven. Sonatas (complete) [10]. R. Goode

Part 26: Solo Piano (13 CDs) -- 19th Century
F. Schubert. Sonatas D.845 and 850. R. Goode
F. Schubert. Sonatas D.958 and 959. M. Perahia
F. Schubert. Sonata D.960. M. Perahia
F. Schubert. Impromptu (complete) [2]. A. Brendel
R. Schumann. Davidsbundlertanze, Sonata Op.22 and Toccata Op.7. B. Berezowsky
R. Schumann. Carnaval and Kreisleriana. M. Uchida
R. Schumann. Fantasy Op.17 and F. Liszt. Transcendental Etudes. E. Kissin
F. Chopin. Mazurkas [2]. A. Wasowski
J. Brahms. Fantasy Op.116, Piano Pieces Op.119 and Sonata No.2. E Ax
J. Brahms. Paganini Var.s, 16 Waltzes, Chaconne/Bach. S. Rodriguez

Part 27: Solo Piano (11 CDs) -- late 19th-20th Century
Romantic Collection. (misc). V. Cliburn
Romantic Collection. (misc). J. O'Conor
C. Debussy. Preludes Vol.1 and L'Isle Joyeuse. M. Pollini
G. Faure. (misc). P. Roge
M. Ravel. (misc). V. Perlemuter
M. Ravel. Le Tombeau..., Pavane..., misc. A. Queffelel
S. Rachmaninov. Sonata No.1 and 13 Preludes. S. Rodriguez
S. Prokofiev. Sonatas 1,2,3; Sonatinas Op.54, 1/2; Visions Fugitives. J. Lill
Spanish Collection. Ginestera, Albeniz, de Falla, Granados and Ruvo. S. Rodriguez
B. Bartok. (misc). Z. Kocsis
S. Barber (complete). J. Browning

Part 28: Piano Concerti (10 CDs)
F.J. Haydn. Concerti 4 and 11. A.B. Michelangeli
W.A. Mozart. Concerti 1-4. M. Perahia
W.A. Mozart. Concerti 11-13. D. Barenboim
W.A. Mozart. Concerti 14-16. D. Barenboim
W.A. Mozart. Concerti 20 and 23. M. Uchida
W.A. Mozart. Concerti 8, 23, 24 and 27 [2]. W. Kempff
L. v. Beethoven. 5 Concerti (complete)[3]. A. Brendel

Part 29: Piano Concerti (10 CDs)
R. Schumann. Concerto (+ 2 Konzertstucke). M. Perahia
F. Chopin. Concerti 1 and 2 (complete). A. Rubinstein
J. Brahms. Concerti 1 and 2 (complete) (+Var. Theme/Handel and Waltzes)[2]. L. Fleisher
M. Ravel. Concerto (+Tzigane and Sheherezade). F.-R. Duchable
P. Tchaikovsky. Concerto No.1 and S. Rachmaninov. Concerto No.2. V. Cliburn
S. Rachmaninov. 4 Concerti (complete)[2]. V. Ashkenazy
S. Prokofiev. Concerto No.5 (+ Sonata No.8 and Visions...). S. Richter
B. Bartok. Concerti 1 and 3. D. Barenboim

...and this doesn't even scratch the surface of their operas, piano works, solo concerti, string quartets, chamber music, songs and choral works. And what about Debussy, Chopin, Liszt, Ravel, Prokofieff, Bartok, Stravinsky, Copland, Bernstein, Holst, Sibelius, Tchaikovsky, Vaughn Williams, Weber, Palestrina, Handel, Telemann, Verdi, Puccini, Shostakovich, and on and on and on?
P.S. Have we mentioned blues, jazz, rock and roll or gypsy?