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Charles Stier

Theory | practical and meaningful approach for performers (jazz, popular and classical) to harmony, chord symbols, ear training, arrangements, lead sheets...

Song Writing | everything it takes to learn how to get a tune out of your head and on to paper...

Composition | practical, in-depth, formal classical training including notation, theory, ear training, harmony, melody, rhythm, form, orchestration and conducting...

Charles Stier

Charles Stier's original major musical works include...

  • Chamber Music
    • Piano Quintet in B minor for piano and string quartet
    • In My Sky at Twilight for jazz guitar and string quartet
    • Ashokan Fantasy (after Jay Ungar) for three violins
  • Solo piano
    • Prelude in C-sharp minor
    • Prelude in A-flat Major
    • Waltz in B-flat Major
    • Waltz in C minor
      Reverie in G minor
    • Song for Sharma
    • I Died For Beauty
    • Piano Haiku
    • Album for Young Pianists
  • Song cycles for voice and piano
    • Nothing's Changed: Ten Erotic Poems from Antiquity (Bhartrhari, Catullus, Amaru, Philodemus, Martial and Petronius)
    • Solitude Poems (William Carlos Williams, Philip Larkin, Callimachus, Sappho, Matthea Harvey, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Stevie Smith, Mary Oliver and e.e. cummings)
    • The Voices (Nine Pages with a Titlepage) from The Book of Pictures, Book 2, Part II by Rainer Maria Rilke
    • Preludes (T.S. Eliot)
    • Love Poems (Bhartrhari, William Butler Yates, Pablo Neruda, Robert Graves, Percy Byssche Shelley, Zenodotus and Philip Larkin)
    • The Robert Frost Songs
    • Seven Songs of Emily Dickinson
  • Chorus
    • Death by Water (Phlebas the Phoenician) from The Waste Land, No.IV by T.S. Eliot
  • Opera
    • The Pirate
  • Numerous arrangements for combinations of piano, voice, winds, strings and percussion.
Charles Stier The Pirate, his fast-paced, 2-act comic operetta "who-done-it",
is set in the British Colonial City of Charlestown, South Carolina
in the 1730's.